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"Sarah is an extremely insightful and innovative director and

working with her is a transformative experience. Being in the rehearsal room under her direction has reminded me how joyful the creative process can be.  Sarah masterfully creates a rigorously fun space where everyone is engaged in the work and feels supported enough to explore not only the potential of each theatrical moment but also moments of personal growth." ~Chanel Blanchett, actor, Choose Your Own Romeo and Juliet

Rigorous Play

Merchant of Venice - Act I (178).JPG

"Sarah Provencal came in which a beautiful vision that inspired us all and she lead us with immense care and passion, and she consistently went above and beyond to make sure that we were reaching our full potential." Emma Townsend, actor

Care and Passion

ONSTAGE Honk 2017   - 64.jpg

"I’ve worked with Sarah as an assistant stage manager for 3 shows and stage manager for 3 shows. Her expectations for the actors and production crew are always concise and there is never any ego about it. She always drives it home that we are all a team, no matter your role, you bring the story to life. So be ready to collaborate and share ideas as well as learn something new about yourself along the way.  And one thing I’ve come to know about Sarah is she will always find a way to bring out the truth of the human experience with any show she has touched. Whether it’s the tale of a family in turmoil because of a secret, the story of the fall of Troy, or the journey of the beloved ugly duckling. Every character is relatable in some way, and she makes sure to show that in the most beautiful yet entertaining ways." Regina Epps, Stage Manager

Vision and Collaboration


"Sarah is a truly superior 'actor's director.' She's brilliant, supportive, and calming, and she knows exactly how to elicit the best possible work from her collaborators. Her rehearsal room was an ideal balance of structure and boundless creative freedom. I would work for her again in a heartbeat!" ~Steve Kaliski, actor, The Sabbath Girl

Balanced Structure and Freedom


"Sarah is one of my favorite directors.  She creates an environment of trust, support, and creativity.  I always felt completely free to try any ridiculous thing and make a mistake and try again and laugh when it still doesn't work and keep trying until everything clicks!  Sarah brings out the best in her actors because she trusts them and they trust her. That is the only kind of director I want to work with." ~Andrea King, actor



"Stage managing for Sarah is like starting down a road in which you thought you understood the journey but halfway through, realize you’re no longer on the predetermined road but instead creating an undiscovered, more exciting pathway." ~Nicole Miller, stage manager


What is it like to be in Sarah Pro's rehearsal room?  

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